Friday, August 31, 2007

For Donnie...

...and his "not gay" Senator.

Just an aside -- John Tartaglia, who played Rod (the dark haired actor) in the Original Broadway Cast of Avenue Q is WAY hot... and openly gay, to boot (unlike his character). Great to see an out actor doing so well, though I don't know if Broadway is as closeted as Hollywood... I'd expect not.

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Friday Mansploitation

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Marc's Midweek College Football Veal Haiku

Now back in session,
its time for college veal who
love to play with balls.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Will You Be My Brother?

You've heard the arguments from conservatives -- "Save traditional marriage," they scream. "Its all about the children!"

Or is it? Historians have been unearthing evidence that same sex relationships have been accepted by both the Church and State in western societies in times past. “Western family structures have been much more varied than many people today seem to realize and Western legal systems have in the past made provisions for a variety of household structures,” writes Allan Tulchin, a professor at Shippensburg University.

He has uncovered legal contracts called an "affrèrement," roughly translated as brotherment. The contracts functioned like a marriage contract, sworn before a notary and witnesses and joined the property of the "brothers." While the contracts may have been used between members of the same family in some cases, his research suggests that romantic relationships also were accepted.

While Tulchin's work seems to focus on the state's acceptance of these contracts, the late John Boswell's book, Same Sex Unions in Medieval Europe, suggests that the medieval Catholic Church also recognized these "brotherment" relationships. While critics counter with the equivalent of, "they're not gay, they're just really good friends," the bigger point is that the idea that western society has always been defined by one man, one woman, a litter of kids and a dog is pure fiction. Tulchin sums it up by explaining, "I suspect that some of these relationships were sexual, while others may not have been. It is impossible to prove either way and probably also somewhat irrelevant to understanding their way of thinking. They loved each other, and the community accepted that."

Nature abounds with any number of different groupings. From hives, packs and schools to animals that couple with a partner for life. There are animals that change sexes as well as gay animals. Its time that we recognize that humans are no different.

And for the record, I'd like a big, hunky "brother" who looks hot in tight leather shorts and knows how to use his "sword," kinda like the one pictured above. (Thanks to The Daily Slab [NSFW!] for the pic!)

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Mansploitation - Bavarian Edition Pt. 1

Ok, this has to be one of the most bizarre videos I've seen. Gyrating leather lederhosen beef. OMG. Its creepy and hot at the same time.

I have seen the future... and the future is lederhosen porn. Not as creepy as clown porn or midget porn... Still, there's that element that makes you stop and say... WTF?! In an age where it seems like porn is more ubiquitous and cliché than ever, leave it to German engineering to breathe life back into it.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marc's Midweek Soccer Beef Haiku

"Will you watch Beckham
now he's with the Galaxy?"
"No, but I'd watch him!"

Thanks again to Bill In Exile (NSFW).

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Monday, August 20, 2007

In The Booth

Here are a couple of shots of me in the booth during my last appearance at Burn Nightclub on June 30th.

DJ Marc Echeveste @ Burn
DJ Marc Echeveste @ Burn  June 30 2007 001

In the second pic I have my friend Noah Williams who does some events here in town and former porn star Eric Evans (NSFW!), who is one of the sweetest people I've met. He's not in the porn biz anymore but he's still as hunky as ever.

Just a little taste of life on the business end of the DJ booth.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hot Stuff

Friday night was taco night over at Alexander's. Now before you start thinking "taco night" is a code for viewing lesbian porn, I had decided to make chicken tacos for dinner and Alex and I watched movies. Movie #1, which neither of us had seen, was John Tucker Must Die. Let's be honest here, I could tell you whether it was a decent movie or not but the only reason I picked this movie was to see Jesse Metcalfe. Now I've no idea whether the guy can act or not, even having watched the movie, but he sure is pretty. Now I know some of you are wondering if there's any chance that anyone who is THAT manscaped could possibly be heterosexual. I don't know the answer to that but apparently Jesse does not appreciate those questions. Be warned.

That said, from what I've learned, Jesse isn't doing too well these days -- his girlfriend just dumped him for being a complete control freak, he's been in and out of rehab, the movie roles haven't exactly been rolling in... Sounds like Jesse hasn't been the happiest of campers...

...which brings me to our second movie, The Boys In The Band. This classic gay film, about a supposedly straight friend accidentally invited to a gay birthday party, was Hollywood's first look at gay life was released in 1970. Its not available on DVD, so I hadn't seen it before. Alex and I agreed that a lot of the dynamics we see in gay culture are still very similar -- much of the dialogue is recognizable from modern gay life. Personally, I was surprised that Hollywood would even approach the subject at the time -- still only a year after Stonewall. I'd like to believe that the level of self loathing that permeates the film has diminished over time -- certainly there's still work to be done but I don't think anyone could question that we've come a long way.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Mansploitation

With much love to Francois Sagat (NSFW).

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Beef Discrimination

This just in from Sweden -- Beef talks to woman, bad things ensue. The woman happened to be a police office and she decided that the beef was just too big to be all natural and decided to haul him into the police station. "Despite [his] assurances that he didn't use steroids, she forced him to go to the police station and give a urine test. In her report, the officer said he had 'unusually large muscles, particularly large arm muscles, which are a sign of steroid use.'"

Blatant beef discrimination. The test was negative -- just like our beef said it would be. He filed a complaint against the officer but the prosecutors decided not to pursue it. A miscarriage of justice! This blatant and senseless beef discrimination must stop.

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Who Would Jesus Execute?

I can't help it, I got a kick out of this article on MSNBC tonight -- this month Texas should execute its 400th prisoner since the Supreme Court lifted a ban on capital punishment in 1982. W and Alberto would be proud, I'm sure. The best part of the article is how the state's evangelical population encourages it:

“A lot of evangelical Protestants not only believe that capital punishment is permissible but that it is demanded by God. And they see sanction for that in the Old Testament especially,” said Matthew Wilson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Ah yes, somewhere Jesus is looking down on Texas and smiling. I can just hear him now: "Kill the bastards! All of them! Crucify them!"

Yeah, that sounds like something Jesus would say. I wonder how that would sound in Aramaic. Mel Gibson probably knows.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh My!

Holy fucking shit, I think I just lost my colon I laughed so hard. The Dutch are CRAZY.

Thanks to Bill In Exile (NSFW)!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Marc's Midweek Another Pirate Beef Haiku

Know what you're thinking...
What makes this beef a pirate?
His "Jolly Roger!"

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Editing Wikipedia

One of the best features of the web, in my opinion, has been Wikipedia. A free, non-profit repository of information that's editable by the public -- that's revolutionary. It allows access to information to anyone with access to the Web, which is quite a powerful thing.

Wired has just published an article about a Cal Tech grad student who has been trying to track anonymous changes -- "Wikipedia Scanner -- the brainchild of Cal Tech computation and neural-systems graduate student Virgil Griffith -- offers users a searchable database that ties millions of anonymous Wikipedia edits to organizations where those edits apparently originated, by cross-referencing the edits with data on who owns the associated block of internet IP addresses."

This is brilliant! An example: " [Someone at] Voting-machine company Diebold ... apparently deleting long paragraphs detailing the security industry's concerns over the integrity of their voting machines, and information about the company's CEO's fund-raising for President Bush."

This is great because it adds some accountability and makes it more difficult to control the flow of information without having people know that you're trying to do it. Well done!

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Recently I received an e-mail linking to a video that details how society has used religion and and government to control the masses. Usually "they" use fear in order to manipulate, whether its fear for your immortal soul or fear for your physical safety. We see that around us daily with the "War on Terror" which has really been used to justify things like the suspension of habeas corpus and domestic espionage without a warrant. Of course, another technique is control of information, which happens all the time.

There are lots of ways manipulation happens. I gripe about "they" who are doing it but the reality is that we do it all the time - to ourselves and to others. I know I do. Sometimes I don't realize I'm doing it. Sometimes I'm not aware that I'm being manipulated.

Anyway, one of the things I love to see these days is watching those strings get exposed for what they are. One you realize they're there, you can cut the strings. In the light of day, you can decide for yourself what you want. At the end of the day, that's what real freedom is all about -- being able to decide for yourself.

So, I've decided to add a new category to my posts -- that of "puppet master." I'm not going to abandon my love of beeves, but I think it'll add some good substance to the blog.



I know I likes me some beef, but sometimes chicken can be quite tasty.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Laundry Day

"I guess I know its laundry day... nothing to wear but these dirty shorts..."


Wednesday, August 08, 2007


New on my Radio.Blog!
Respect the Kat 2007!

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Marc's Midweek Daddy Beef Haiku

Its not father's day,
still, you make me wanna say:
"I love you, daddy!"

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Monday, August 06, 2007

How Big Is Too Big?

Adam says "Yes." I say, "Definitely not."

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Its mindless house music fun! I LOVE IT! More, please!

Funny how something mindless and vapid that I'd hate if it were in English and were by, say, Fergie, or someone, suddenly becomes fun when its in Spanish...

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Thursday, August 02, 2007


I, as much as anyone else, can get caught up with the way things appear right now. Life isn't exactly the way we want it, so everything's in the shitter, right? Truth be told, I've felt like things are really moving in the right direction, whether its in world in general or in my own life. Sometimes its hard to see that because some of the big things we focus on seem fixed while underneath the surface is where the shifting and changing occurs.

Case in point, a couple of days ago, the LA Times ran an article about gay high school and college athletes coming out and being willing to live their lives in the open. Certainly these young men and women face challenges -- the article mentions a high school football player who was ostracized after he came out and ended up changing schools -- and yet by daring to be themselves at a formative time for themselves and those around them, they are sowing the seeds for fundamental change.

We tend to get stuck on the questions of marriage vs. civil unions and DOMA, Don't Ask Don't Tell and ENDA, the real progress is happening beneath the surface every day with people having the courage to live their lives in the open. Perhaps the changes we seek aren't happening as quickly as we might like but they're happening and no legislative act, ballot initiative or court ruling will be able to stop them. Sometimes its hard to keep that in mind but all you need to do to remind yourself is take a moment and look beneath the surface.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Marc's Midweek Lidded Beef Haiku

Took my breath away,
you know, I've just gotta say,
"Where'd you get that hat?"

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